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Shahpur the ancient village of Bihar district which is well Known by most of the people of this country .

Two hundred years ago this village was existed by many ancestor with many colonies as

Katria, Manora, Jokaha, Bharm Devta, Chiraeea Tar, Sunarpur, Anhu etc ..These small colonies were situated near dense forest. These forest were occupied by many animals like Lion, Monkey, and etc. lion was the animal who use to come to these place to fulfill his hungry stomach by eating one of the villagers every fortnight; this was the fear of these villagers and one day after getting feed up of these incident ,one day a brave man named shahjee who was the  brave honorable person of this place call a meeting and made a plan to kill this lion with the help of the other villagers and in which they gain success and from that day these villagers decided to combined these seven colonies into one village which was named as “Shahpur patti” kept in honor of Shree Shahjee was stood first and as a leader and went to kill that lion. Hence it is also said that this name was also kept in honor of a great personality named as “Shree Lakar Shah” whose tomb is still in the middle of this village.

Superstion of "Anhu"

There is a superstition about Anhu that there was a pond in this small area where Prawan Kumar one of the villager of that place use to come with his parent and make them take their bath because they had a believe that all the skin disease get cured 




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